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What is Economics for Everyone (E4E)?

Economics for Everyone provides completely free economics material ranging from videos that bring the big economic ideas to life, without the math, to brief videos and supplemental materials teaching the math behind the economics.

Who is E4E for?

E4E is for everyone! E4E material is flexible and can be adapted to learners at different levels. The Core Videos are designed to elucidate the big economic concepts without the math, perfect for students new to economics or students seeking to improve their economic thinking. The Supplemental Videos are concise presentations of the technical material behind the Core Videos. The In Short Videos are designed to quickly summarize concepts from the Core Videos in a fun and exciting way. All of the material is meant for both educators and independent learners.

Is this course offered for credit?

No, this course is not offered for credit.

How do I access lessons?

We will be posting our first season of Economics for Everyone: Micro in August of 2023. To access these videos, you will be required to create a free account. The rest of the materials are open to all on our website.